Activity Plain 17/05/2007
Event Chaser Status Sub Camp
Obstacle Course (bouncy) Bill Ok Simon
Table football (bouncy) Bill Ok John
Sumo (bouncy) Bill Ok Geoff
Stepping Stones (bouncy) Bill Ok Wayne
Bouncy Castle Nicolette Ok Geoff
Bouncy Boxing Bill Ok Wayne
Aerial Runway Bill Ok John
Balistas Bill Progressing John
Big Tower ? Bill Ok John
Pole jousting (pioneering) Bill To be resolved Geoff
Mini assault course Bill To be resolved Geoff
Communications -Internet café,  - Internet Cafe Amuter Radio Stations, Morse Code, Semaphore, Phonetics, Personal Communication [Body Lang], Cans & Strings Simon Ok Simon
Falcons and owls Gill Ok John
Farm animals Gill Ok Geoff
Brass Rubbing Gill Ok Wayne
Bird Man Ray Ok All
Reptiles Nicolette Ok Wayne
Trees Gill Ok Geoff
Circus Skills Nicolette Ok Wayne
Juggling balls Nicolette Ok Wayne
Painting (art) Gill Progressing John
Pebble painting Marion Ok Simon
Pebble painting Gill Ok Geoff
Spiral Hats Rose Ok Wayne
Totem pole - add pictures throughout w/e Ray Ok Geoff
Archery Nicolette Ok Wayne
Orienteering event Bill To be resolved Geoff
Boat Trip Ray Ok Wayne
Naure walk (with boat) Gill Ok Wayne
Pond dipping Ray Ok All
Pond dipping artificial Nicolette Progressing John
Trailer wheel changing Bill Ok Simon
Skill at Arms (on "horseback") Gill Ok Geoff
Bike/Balloons Simon Progressing Simon
Kites Gill Ok John
Origami (crane) Gill Ok Wayne
Boomerangs Gill Ok Geoff
Kiribatti (birds) Gill Ok Wayne
Cold Cooking, dippy lollys Rose Ok Wayne
Crispy nests Rose Ok John
Bean can communicators Gill Ok John
Pirate Obstacle course Gill Progressing Wayne
Pirate Ship racing Gill Ok Wayne
Pirate Treasure Hunt Gill Progressing Wayne
Astronomy (for badge) Gill Ok Cubs
Mosaic of Camp Badge Marion Ok Simon
Chalk carving Marion Ok Simon
Seed pictures Marion Ok Simon
Friendship bracelets Marion Ok Simon
Wool & pipecleaner dolls & animals Marion Ok Simon
3D cards Marion Ok Simon
Clay (or dough) aminals Marion Ok Simon
Mobiles Marion Ok Simon
Fuzzy Felt pictures Marion Ok Simon
Drinks bottle rockets[1] Bill Progressing Simon
Crate Climbing Bill Progressing Simon
Stretcher Race   Ok Geoff
Mine Field     John
Scaffold Walk   Ok John
Heave Hitch Haul   ? Simon
Ropework   Progressing Wayne
Dampers   Progressing John
Tallest lego tower (with 100 bricks) Nicolette Ok Geoff
Little Baskets Gill Ok John
Splat the Rat Bill Ok Simon
Skittles Bill Ok Geoff
Coconut Shy Bill Ok Wayne
Building noodles Rose Ok Wayne
Finger Puppets Rose Ok Wayne
Teddy puppets Rose Ok Wayne
Paint bookmarks Rose Ok Wayne
Fire brigade Ray Ok ?
Straw bale caving ? To be resolved ?
Spiders web Bill To be resolved Geoff
Frisbee game Nicolette Ok All
Football challenges Nicolette Ok All
Swingball Simon Ok All
Rounders match Nicolette Ok All
volleyball Nicolette Ok All
spaceballs Nicolette Ok All
Scavenger Hunt Dave? To be resolved All
Silly Games Ray Ok Monday
Horse Shoes Bill Ok Simon
Cactus lasooing Nicolette Ok Geoff
Giant Jenga Nicolette Ok Wayne
Kerplunk Nicolette Ok John
Astronomy badge (Cub) Gill Ok All
Naturalist badge (Cub) Gill Ok All
Creativity badge (Cub) Gill Ok All